Radientum provides antenna design, consultancy and testing & verification services. You have the product – we have the skills and tools.


We help our customers R&D by either integrating “off-the-self” antennas into customers device or create a custom solution from scratch. Antenna design at Radientum is based on advanced simulation methods and tools. In addition, antennas are fine tuned in our laboratory and verified in our anechoic chamber.

Due to our approach to antenna development, R&D time is reduced from months to weeks or even days with very few prototypes. In addition, antenna simulations enable to integrate antennas in to mechanical structures of products. Parts that tend to be bad for the antenna, such as metal frame, can actually be used as the antenna. This level of integration would be too expensive without the use of simulations. 


Radientum offers wide range of antenna verification and analysis services. We can verify your design either by using virtual testing or by measuring the antenna in our laboratory. If something unexpected is found at verification, we can analyse antenna or connectivity issues of your products. You might face an issue that wireless performance of your device is not satisfactory. We will track the root cause and help you to get forward on fixing the problem.


We have a well-equipped anechoic chamber and over-the-air (OTA) measurement setup located at Hermia 6 building, Hervanta, Tampere.

Chamber provides a stable environment to verify device wireless performance.

Currently supported R&D OTA measurements:

  • Cable (passive) measurement 400 MHz- 6 GHz: 3D radiation pattern, antenna gain, efficiency, polarization
  • Carrier wave power measurement 400MHz – 6 GHz
  • 2.4/5GHz WIFI TRP & TIS
  • Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G TRP & TIS
  • UHF RFID tag performance testing including ARC/TIPP


We offer antenna experts for a broad range of consultancy assignments; from single brainstorming sessions to longer research and development projects. We can help you:

  • Conduct feasibility studies for your product ideas
  • Select the best off-the-shelf antenna solutions for your products and provide integration supports
  • Track the root cause of connectivity issues and help you to get forward on fixing the problems
  • Find the best solutions related to RFID tags, readers, test equipment, productions, and certifications


Understanding the characterization of dielectric materials at RF and microwave frequencies is crucial in antenna design. In order to create electromagnetic models, EMC/antenna engineers often need certain knowledge of a materials dielectric properties. It is important to understand for example: how much antenna tuning is effected by the material, how much of the electromagnetic wave will be reflected or transmitted by the dielectric? Or how much of the electromagnetic wave will be absorbed by molding or phantom material?

Thus, having the knowledge of how different materials behave in the electric field increases the accuracy of antenna modeling and simulation, leading to both time and cost efficient for antenna development projects.

Our capability: 

  • Dielectric measurement service at 1.1, 1.9, 3.1 and 5.1 GHz
  • Materials: ceramics, FR4, plastics, glass, cardboard, Thin ferroelectric films deposited on a substrate


Interested to have a new antenna component with custom specifications? Or improve existing antenna product? We can take full responsibility of antenna product delivery or handle part of it. Together with our mechnanics and HW partners we are able to build complete turn-key solution for you.