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IoT antennas – How IoT companies take their products to the next level with custom antennas.


Left to right: Grundium microscope, Wiiste IoT sensor, and Treon industrial node. IoT antennas by extensive know-how in antenna design, simulation, proven by the customers Antenna simulation, design, and integration company - Radientum - has three very different kinds of clients in Tampere area, Finland. They wanted to share how exactly Radientum has [...]

Icraft – antenna solutions to challenging industrial environment


Icraft was Radientum’s first client when operations began in December 2015. Radientum and Icraft have collaborated on several client projects wherein Radientum has been involved as an antenna integration and testing partner. Icraft has primarily supplied telemetry devices in these projects, where antenna solutions are working within the 2,4 GHz ISM frequency band. In one [...]