Radientum is a world-class antenna design company. We help our customers to develop superior antenna solutions for their wireless products. With the expertise of design, simulation and testing from Nokia & Microsoft, our engineers can develop antennas from the very first concept innovation through Over-The-Air verification to ready-made prototypes.

Our 100 years of product creation experience from mobile industry guarantees optimal wireless performance. With a unique way of simulation, we help companies to be cost-effective, speed up time-to-market with higher ROI. Our expertise covers a wide range of wireless technologies such as WIFI, RFID, NFC, GNSS, Cellular, Bluetooth and LoRa/Sigfox.


Radientum was founded in 2015 by a group of ex-Nokia antenna engineers with a vision to enable optimal antenna performance to products in all industries. We were set out to provide the access to antenna engineering resources and tools such as simulation environment and antenna laboratory on need-to-use basis.

Year 2016 was a period of developing our internal processes to be agile while working with customer projects. Since our foundation, we have always been working for our customers and learning continuously how to provide even better services.

At the start of 2017 we got a new CEO when Jukka Sjöstedt joined our team. He brought the management experience from competitive international business and set out to make us truly international. During the spring we set up our OTA measurement chamber to provide more wider range of services . October 2017 was the month when we had a booth at an exhibition for the first time outside of Finland.

By the end of 2017 we had already served more than 50 customers in 10 countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, France, Spain, Canada etc.


Jukka Sjöstedt | CEO

Jukka has 17 years’ experience from the telecommunication industry and he has worked in several management positions in Nokia and Microsoft.

Phone: +358 (0)40 501 3535


Mikko Parkkila | CMO

CMO and Antenna Engineer. Mikko has been involved at designing several commercially successful mobile phones.

Phone: +358 (0)50 480 1271


Christine Nguyen| Business development specialist

Christine has 3 years of experience in customer relationship management in the Banking industry. She also has a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Phone: +358 (0)45 211 8587


Janne Heiskanen | CTO

Janne has 8 years of RF design and 13 years of antenna design experience. He has knowledge of both base-station and terminal antennas.


Olli Talvitie | Principal antenna engineer

Antenna Specialist with 20 years of antenna design in phones and has filed numerous patents & patent applications during his career.


Petri Mustonen | Senior antenna engineer

Petri has 5 years of RF and antenna design experience. He is highly skilled in antenna simulation and antenna measurement for challenging applications.


Yekaterina Galitskaya | Senior antenna engineer

Yekaterina (Kate) has 4 years of antenna and RF design experience. She has worked with many microwave antenna projects including massive antenna arrays.


Pentti Grönlund | RF design engineer

Pentti has been working in various roles in RF field. He has extensive experience in RF design and testing.


Jari van Wonterghem | Principal antenna engineer

Jari has over 20 years of antenna design with a number of well-known companies, incl. Nokia, Blackberry and Huawei. His antenna design experience ranges from 100MHz internal radio to LTE- and 5G sub6GHz and mmWave antenna systems. Jari holds his name on numerous granted patents.