Custom Antenna vs. Off-the-Shelf – Five Reasons to Design a Customized Antenna for Your Product

When you are developing a connected, wireless product, the antenna is one of the most critical design areas. Because the user experience depends on how well your product connects! Whether you are making an IoT device, smartphone, or smart ring, you can choose between two alternatives: design a custom antenna, or use an off-the-shelf [...]

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The importance of antenna in IoT product development

The importance of an IoT product’s antenna cannot be overstated. It is the interface to the outside world. In this article I will discuss why the antenna is important and how good or poor antenna performance can shape the customer’s perception of a product and thereby influence the product’s success. I will begin by [...]

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Antennas in plastic devices, what could go wrong?

Any wireless device needs antenna(s). The antenna can be internal or external. When it comes to internal antennas, an internal antenna can be implemented using an SMD (Surface Mounted Device) component or it can be designed on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Internal antennas can also be integrated with the device’s mechanics. For any [...]

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How can simulation-driven antenna design save in R&D investment?

Developing hardware products is expensive and time-consuming. With wireless products, failing to select the right antenna solution can drive back moths in development if the issue is found too late. In our earlier blog post, we discussed the importance of antenna performance and how antenna measurements are critical to R&D. To run measurements, there [...]

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How is your antenna doing?

Do you know the answer? How should the antenna be doing? Just well enough for needed communications? Could antenna be too good? Maybe it should perform like it is designed to perform? In many cases, this is not the situation at all. Antenna size, place and type should be designed to meet target performance. [...]

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