Radientum offers wide range of antenna verification and analysis services. We can verify your design either by using virtual testing or by measuring the antenna in our laboratory. If something unexpected is found during verification, we can analyse the antenna or connectivity issues of your products. You might face an issue that wireless performance of your device is not satisfactory. We will track the root cause and help you to get forward on fixing the problem.

Our virtual antenna testing is done in antenna simulation environment. Key benefits of verifying antenna performance virtually is cost. Virtual testing is usually done before the first prototype is built. This allows our customers to avoid costly mistakes and re-design that would otherwise be noticed quite late in development process.

We have a fully equipped antenna laboratory for hands-on testing and prototyping. We can evaluate, measure and tune the existing antennas found on your device. Radientum antenna laboratory consists of following equipment and tools:

  • Agilent E5071C VNA up to 20GHz
  • NFC testing tools: Litepoint IQnfc, readers, reference cards and accessories
  • Signal generators and spectrum analyzers up to 20GHz
  • Soldering stations, microscopes, power sources

Check out this video to see how we ensure optimal wireless performance for our customers’ products.