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We help our customers R&D by either integrating “off-the-self” antennas into customers device or create a custom solution from scratch. Antenna design at Radientum is based on advanced simulation methods and tools. In addition, antennas are fine tuned in our laboratory and verified in our anechoic chamber.

Due to our approach to antenna design and development, R&D time is reduced from months to weeks or even days with very few prototypes. In addition, antenna simulations enable to integrate antennas in to mechanical structures of products. Parts that tend to be bad for the antenna, such as metal frame, can actually be used as the antenna. This level of integration would be too expensive without the use of simulations. 

  • Simulation driven design speeds up the antenna development and improves quality. Less prototype rounds are required which translates to reduced cost.
  • Our antenna development integrates seamlessly to your other product development. Radientum engineers have long experience and good understanding of today’s fast-pace overall product development process.
  • Implementing commercial off-the-shelf antenna components and modules also require careful design. We help customers to select the right component and provide integration support. Antenna placement, available space, device mechanics play crucial what comes to performance of standard antenna.

Antenna development is done in simulation environment utilizing CST Microwave Studio 3DEM and Ansys HFSS software that enables full simulation based design process and performance analysis on top of product 3D CAD model.


Interested to have a new antenna component with custom specifications? Or improve existing antenna product? We can take full responsibility of antenna product delivery or handle part of it. Together with our mechnanics and HW partners we are able to build complete turn-key solution for you.