We believe that a strong B2B-ecosystem will accelerate any business to reach their goals, especially in the today connected world.

We have now partnered with Fractus Antennas – an antenna manufacturer headquartered in Barcelona and widened our offerings in order to assist our customers in making the best antenna decision for their business. With this partnership, Radientum will become an official design partner of Fractus Antennas.

Key benefits to customers:

  • Expert opinions and recommendations based on thorough analysis and experience.
  • Insightful evaluation of different antenna solutions (both off-the-shelf and custom) from Radientum as an independent 3rd party.
  • Informative decision-making process.
  • Antenna integration service that can yield the best possible wireless performance.

If you’re an antenna manufacturer and you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact our CEO, Jukka Sjöstedt, at jukka.sjostedt@radientum.fi.